Smoke (Mortal Kombat)
Full name Tomas Vrbada
Alias(es) Smoke, Cyber Smoke
Affiliation Lin Kuei (formerly), Noob-Smoke (Original Timeline), Forces of Darkness
Origin Mortal Kombat
Fighting Styles Mi Tzu, Judo
Weapon(s) Kunai

Smoke is a central character in the Mortal Kombat franchise, appearing as both a protagonist and antagonist.


Original TimelineEdit

Tomas Vrbada was a Czech assassin serving the Lin Kuei ninja clan and a friend of one of his peers, Tundra, who later became the second Sub Zero. The two ninjas were sent on a mission to assassinate the Outworld tyrant Shang Tsang, but failed. After returning, they discovered the Lin Kuei were transforming their warriors into cyborgs. Though Tundra was able to escape, Smoke was not so lucky and was transformed into an emotionless robot. After being forced into Shao Kahn's ranks, Smoke was discovered by Tundra's older brother, Noob Saibot, and reprogrammed to eternally serve him. Acting as Saibot's inseparable minion, Smoke served in the Forces of Darkness during the Battle of Armageddon, but was killed along with his master.

Alternate TimelineEdit

In the alternate timeline, Tomas helped Tundra search for his brother's killer, who was later revealed to be Scorpion, in a revenge trip. Once Sub Zero finally found and defeated Scorpion, he readied to assassinate him only to be cut off by the Lin Kuei, who were attempting to turn their best ninjas into cyborgs as in the original timeline. Raiden, who was told by his future self to stop the Battle of Armageddon from happening, stopped Smoke from rescuing his friend, warping the timeline so Sub Zero was the one to be transformed into a cold cyborg. Smoke later served Raiden, along with several other heroic combatants, and eventually reprogrammed Cyber Sub Zero to his former, benevolent personality. Even though the two assassins were united yet again, both Smoke and Sub Zero were killed, along with almost every other combatant, by Sindel when she attacked Raiden's temple. The two were later resurrected by the devious oni known as Quan Chi to serve as his zombified henchmen.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Smoke, in the alternate time and formerly in the original timeline, was an honorable warrior like his friend, Tundra. However, after being morphed into a cyborg, he became an emotionless specimen unquestionably loyal to whoever he was programmed by (including the Lin Kuei, Shao Kahn, and Noob).

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Other than a chained kunai built in his chest, Smoke had no weaponry tucked within his metal exoskeleton. However, he did not need it thanks to his mastery of Judo and Mi Tzu, as well as his inhuman stamina, strength, and durability. As one can guess from his name, Smoke also contains the unexplained power to manipulate smoke. This allows him to phase, teleport and go invisible.