is one of the six playable ninjas and protagonists of Mini Ninjas.


Shun was a hyper ninja who couldn't stay in his spot since infancy, where he was abandoned in a basket for the Ninja Master to find and take under his wing. Years later, Shun became the patient and brutally precise archer who was sent in to look for his fellow ninja, Tora, who was investigating a series of strange storms. After all ninjas but Hiro were sent out and never came back, it was up for the lone swordsman to venture out and find his friends. When Shun was found and freed from the tyrannical clutches of the Samurai Warlord, he joined the band of fighters which were slowly being rebuilt until the Mini-Ninjas were back together and the day was saved.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Though he was originally a jumpy, hyper active child who moved almost second of his life, his ninja and archery training led him to be a calm, patient, and collected teenager, which majorly assisted his now starbounding skills with a bow and arrow. He is also known to be utterly silent, an action in which makes him a master at stealth. However, when idle, Shun will mutter untranslated Japanese to himself.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

As stated several times before, Shun is a master archer and can hit just about anything with the right amount of calmness and time no matter how small or far away it is. Armed with his bow, he has a quiver of arrows which never seen to run out, some of which are even strapped with unstable fireworks to add more excitement when shot. He can even perfectly fire whilst hanging, as he hangs with his feet thus leaving his hands vacant. Also, being a ninja, he has above average speed and agility.

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