Shrider Hiryu
Full name Strider Hiryu
Alias(es) None
Affiliation Striders
Origin Strider
Fighting Styles Taijutsu
Weapon(s) Cypher (a hybrid of a sword of tonfa)

Strider Hiryu is the titular main protagonist of the Strider games and mangas, being a mysterious agent of the Striders and a mercenary.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Hiryu is almost always seen with his Cypher, a hybrid of a sword and tonfa, which is linked to Strider's inner kinetic and potential energy. This allows him to modify the blade (such as lining it with ice or fire) solely from extreme concentration. While rarely ever seen without his trusty Cypher, Hiryu still has super-human strength, speed, agility, durability, and reflexes to such an extent that he can dodge automatic fire and dismember his enemies with his bare hands, and is specially trained in taijutsu. He also uses his inhumanly fit body to grab onto walls and perform flips/other amazing acrobatics with ease. 

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