Shirai Ryu
Full name Shirai Ryu
Alias(es) None
Origin Mortal Kombat
Masters Takeda
Notable Members Scorpion
Status Undead (resurrected via dark magic)

The Shirai Ryu (白井流) were a clan of inhumanly fast Japanese ninjas led by Hanzo Hasashi, better known under the war alias Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat games.

They rivaled the Lin Kuei, another clan of Asian assassins.


Original TimelineEdit

The clan was formed and founded by Takeda, who trained his peers and taught them to mock the Lin Kuei by wearing similar ninja clothes, except with a notable yellow coloring. Scorpion led and protected the clan of yellow-garbed ninjas for years, as well as a village of his peers. However, the entire clan was wiped out by Quan Chi, a villainous necromancer who was disguised as Elder Sub Zero, a Lin Kuei warrior and bitter rival of Scorpion. Quan Chi then resurrected Scorpion and gave him the power to kill the framed Sub Zero in return for his servitude.


  • Takeda (former)


  • Scorpion
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