Full name Sektor
Alias(es) Ketchup
Affiliation Lin Kuei, Shao Kahn
Origin Mortal Kombat
Fighting Styles Ninjutsu, Sambo, Kenpo
Weapon(s) Wrist mounted flame thrower and missile launchers, jet boosters, pulse blades, laser pistols

Sektor is an antagonist appearing in the Mortal Kombat franchise, being a cyborg Lin Kuei assassin.


Original TimelineEdit

Alternate TimelineEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Sektor, like Cyrax, is an honorable warrior who blindly serves the Lin Kuei.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

As a human and purposely untraditional ninja, Sektor is decorated with technology that assists him in battle along with his mastery of martial arts including ninjitsu, sambo, and kenpo. Said technology includes a pair of battle gauntlets lined with flamethrowers (which are fueled by a large capsule of gasoline strapped to his back) and missile launchers with a heat seeking variant. He can also somehow teleport by submerging his entire body in a spectrum of green, technological light that spawns him behind his opponent

As a cyborg, Sektor has all of these abilities built into his thick, durable exoskeleton. He also wields a laser pistol and a pulse blade (wielding akimbo pulse blades in later games) while having the ability to fly via rocket boosters.

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