Ninja Brian
Full name Ninja Brian
Alias(es) The Murderator, Silent Death, Daaaamn!
Affiliation Ninja Sex Party
Origin Ninja Sex Party
Fighting Styles None specified
Weapon(s) Several bombs, knives, and swords

Ninja Brian is a self-trained shinobi and partner of Danny Sexybang. The duo forms the acclaimed band known as Ninja Sex Party and is known for producing several comedic musical videos. Brian is portrayed by and "based off" Brian Wecht.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Brian is regarded, even by Danny himself, as a downright murderous psychopath. He eventually kills almost everyone he meets (even Danny, whom Brian has murdered an uncountable amount of times) and easily agitated. He never blinks, speaks, and rarely shows any emotion.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

He, like Danny, is comically god-like, able to explode people or houses with his mind alone and wields an uncountable amount of ninja equipment such as smoke bombs, a variety of knives, and swords.