A ninja, additionally called a shinobi for males and kunoichi for females, is an enigmatic agent/warrior donned in the shadows infamous for their stealth capabilities, martial arts, and genius battle strategies.

What a ninja isEdit

What exactly a ninja is has been contested over the decades. Real life ninjas were Japanese warriors known for their deadly assassination and espionage abilities, as well as their enigma and mystery. Ironically, despite the craze of ninjas and their hundreds of appearances in popular culture, very few of these individuals meet the criteria to classify as a real one. As such, this wiki must make an exception, so what the qualifications are for the consideration of being labeled a ninja are:

  • Martial Arts: No matter what, a ninja must be a martial artist, as in they practice a deadly fighting style and utilize it regularly. Note that the martial art doesn't necessarily have to be ninjutsu/ninpo.
  • Stealth: A ninja's greatest trademark is their stealth. A ninja simply isn't a ninja if they don't regularly utilize espionage and stealthy battle-tactics.
  • Honor: What is even more important to a ninja than their life is their honor and pride. Ninjas cannot be cowardly and only retreat from battles to avoid getting captured.