Kyle Schneider
Full name Kyle Schneider
Alias(es) Black Ninja, Black Color
Affiliation Outer Heaven resistance (formerly), Black Ninja, Zanzibar Land
Origin Metal Gear
Fighting Styles None specified
Weapon(s) None

Kyle Schneider was the former Outer Heaven resistance leader and a current Zanzibar Land mercenary appearing in Metal Gear and its sequel Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.


Metal GearEdit

Originally forced to design Outer Heaven's fortress, Kyle Schneider rebelled against the very nation he was imprisoned by after his wife and child died. Schneider then formed a resistance against Outer Heaven around the same time FOXHOUND rookie Solid Snake was tasked to intercept the fortress and rescue the imprisoned Gray Fox. Schneider, along with a few other resistance members, assisted Snake along his mission, providing him navigation tips around the fortress as he was the one who designed it. Right as Kyle was about to inform Snake who the president of Outer Heaven was, their frequency were demolished, leading Snake to believe his ally was dead.

Metal Gear 2: Solid SnakeEdit

Snake was incorrect, however, as, after the fall of Outer Heaven, Kyle was recovered by NATO and put through a series of NASA experiments that turned him into a lethal killing machine, leading him to earn the alias Black Ninja. When Black Ninja's faction was disbanded, he and his peers were taken in by Big Boss and his Zanzibar Land nation. Despite Big Boss being the former Outer Heaven president, Kyle forgave and even looked up to him for taking pity on him in his time of need. Kyle served as one of the many mercenaries tasked to assassinate Solid Snake, but was unsuccessful and was mortally wounded in a fight with his former ally. Black Ninja's last words before succumbing to his wounds was informing Snake that the president of Zanzibar Land is Big Boss, knowing that Big Boss would've wanted it the way that Snake was aware of it.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Kyle was a master tactician and architect by the time he formed the resistance, utilizing his skills to assist his forged rebellion. After being experimented on with NATO, he gained inhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability, but these enhanced skills were no match for Solid Snake in their showdown.

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