Full name Jago
Alias(es) None
Affiliation Monks of the Tiger
Origin Killer Instinct
Fighting Styles Tiger spirit
Weapon(s) Dadao (Chinese sword)

Jago is the main protagonist of the Killer Instinct series, being a mysterious monk dedicated to destroying evil.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Being a monk, Jago is very docile and peaceful. However, also being a ninja, Jago becomes a very violent combatant when foes tempt him in battle.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Like all Killer Instinct combatants, Jago is specially trained in several martial arts and fighting styles (particularly Tiger spirit), thus making him an extremely capable and seasoned warrior. He can also focus the built up energy from endlessly meditating to launch fireballs called endokukens out of his hands and is rarely ever seen without his trusty dadao sword, which he uses efficiently in combat.


  • Jago was cloned into a darkened villainous ninja called Shadow Jago.
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