Hiro is the main protagonist of the Mini Ninjas franchise.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Hiro is shown to be a silent but kind, caring person with a genuine friendly relationship with his team. However, being the skilled ninja that he is, he is very ruthless against his enemies (however, once an enemy is defeated, instead of dying, they turn back into peaceful animals). His name, Hiro, is actually Japanese for generous.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Not only is Hiro a fast shuriken, smoke bomb, and ninjato user, he is also the only ninja in three hundred years with the ability to manipulate Kuji magic. With this ability, he can slow down time into order to plan his attacks more effectively in the heat of battle. He can also control the weather, such as spawn lightning storms or tornadoes, and possess any type of animal, making him an absolute master of disguise and interception. Food is also a very large part in the game, and he is the only ninja who can use a fishing rod in which reels in soon-to-be-sushi fish.

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