Gray Fox
Full name Frank Hunter (birth name)
Alias(es) Frank Jaeger (adopted name), Gray Fox, Cyborg Ninja, The Perfect Soldier, Deepthroat, Null
Affiliation FOX, CIA, FOXHOUND, Zanzibar Land (formerly)
Origin Metal Gear
Fighting Styles None specified
Weapon(s) High-frequency blade, stealth camouflage w/ exoskeleton

Gray Fox is an off and off antagonist of the Metal Gear franchise, originally being a FOXHOUND operative, friend of the legendary Solid Snake, and one of the first cyborg ninjas in the series.


Portable OpsEdit

Metal GearEdit

Metal Gear 2: Solid SnakeEdit

Metal Gear SolidEdit

After the fall of Zanzibar Land and Big Boss's supposed death, Fox's mutilated body was recovered by the Patriots and rebuilt as a cybernetic assassin. Equipped with a skin-grafted exoskeleton and enhanced senses beyond a peaked human's, Fox was broken out of his containment by his adopted sister, Naomi Hunter, and escaped, killing Naomi's boss, Dr. Clark (also known as Para Medic) and had his loyal sister falsely report his death.

Afterwards in 2005, Gray Fox set out to Shadow Moses Island to find and battle his former ally, Solid Snake, to the death in order to find a formidable opponent. Snake, who was a mercenary called in to cease an upcoming terrorist attack, traded blows with Fox after the latter sliced one of the terrorist's, Revolver Ocelot, arm off. Fox was forced to escape after a series of involuntary, violent spasms, and later assisted Snake via codec to make sure he didn't die before their final showdown.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Known as The Perfect Soldier for a reason, Gray Fox was an excellent marksman and military combatant even before his augmentations. Afterwards, however, he gained senses so inhumanly fast and enhanced that he could easily slice bullets in half mid flight with his trademark High-frequency blade. Despite his hypersonic reactions though, he was still unable to defeat Solid Snake, but was still a formidable foe thanks to his nearly indestructible exoskeleton and invisibility granting stealth camouflage.

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