Bruce Wayne
Full name Bruce Wayne
Alias(es) Batman, Richest Man in Gotham, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The World's Greatest Detective
Affiliation League of Assassins (formerly), League of Shadows (in the Nolanverse, formerly), Waynetech
Origin Batman
Fighting Styles Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Dragon Style Kung Fu, Boxing, Jujitsu, Ninjutsu and Capoeira
Weapon(s) Shurikens, batarangs (variants include electric and explosive), smoke bombs, plastic explosives, grapple guns

Though he masks himself as Gotham City's billionare playboy, Bruce Wayne went to Korean master Kirigi to seek the ways of martial arts, stealth, and intimidation on his road to become the legendary super hero Batman.


After the eight year old Bruce Wayne witnessed the death of his billionare parents, he swore to protect Gotham City by becoming a masked vigilante who wipes the criminal scum off the streets. Knowing he needed guidance to become the crime fighting machine he was later known for, he traveled to the snowy mountains of Korean to seek training from Master Kirigi. After years of intense training, Bruce became an unstoppable martial artist/ninja who returned to Gotham City and used his fierce training to become the Batman.

In other famous incarnations of the Bat such as the Nolanverse one, he was trained by master Ra's Al Ghul who was disappointed at the fact he refused to kill. This struggle ultimately led to the fiery destruction of the ninja palace and the apparent accidental "death" of Ghul. However, years later, the master returned to a now feared vigilante only to be killed in a train crash.

Personality and TraitsEdit

As the playboy that he is thought to be, he plays the "role" of a bratty celebrity who does nothing but drink wine and sleep with countless amounts of attractive women. However, as the role of the Dark Knight, he is a faceless, brooding vigilante who ruthlessly beats his enemies to near death, but makes sure not to kill them. Though he is an honorable, modest fighter, he has been shown to be obsessed with tracking down criminals, having it get in the way of work, meetings, and sometimes even other lives.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

The Caped Crusader is nicknamed the World's Greatest Detective for a reason, as he has an extremely high IQ, amazing management skills, and can solve just about any crime. But his true ninja traits are shown through his inhuman speed, agility, strength, will, and martial arts. He is also the embodiment of darkness and stealth, as he can make any shadow his hiding place. Though he has quite a few technological pieces of gadgetry such as radio jammers, night vision goggles, and plastic explosives, he has bat shaped shurikens called batarangs, smoke pellets used to get out of dangerous situations, and grappling hooks used to get up to vantage points unreachable without it.

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